tinyrpc: A modular RPC library

tinyrpc is a framework for constructing remote procedure call (RPC) services in Python.

In tinyrpc all components (transport, protocol and dispatcher) that together make an RPC service are independently replacable.

Although its initial scope is handling jsonrpc it is easy to add further protocols or add additional transports (one such example is msgpackrpc, which is now fully supported). If so desired it is even possible to replace the default method dispatcher.


pip install tinyrpc

will install tinyrpc with its default dependencies.

Optional dependencies

Depending on the protocols and transports you want to use additional dependencies are required. You can instruct pip to install these dependencies by specifying extras to the basic install command.

pip install tinyrpc[httpclient, wsgi]

will install tinyrpc with dependencies for the httpclient and wsgi transports.

Available extras are:

Option Needed to use objects of class
gevent optional in RPCClient, required by RPCServerGreenlets
httpclient HttpPostClientTransport, HttpWebSocketClientTransport
jsonext optional in JSONRPCProtocol
msgpack required by MSGPACKRPCProtocol
rabbitmq RabbitMQServerTransport, RabbitMQClientTransport
websocket WSServerTransport, HttpWebSocketClientTransport
wsgi WsgiServerTransport
zmq ZmqServerTransport, ZmqClientTransport



  • Marc Brinkmann: https://github.com/mbr

    As of this writing (in Jan 2013) there are a few jsonrpc libraries already out there on PyPI, most of them handling one specific use case (e.g. json via WSGI, using Twisted, or TCP-sockets).

    None of the libraries, however, made it easy to reuse the jsonrpc-parsing bits and substitute a different transport (i.e. going from json via TCP to an implementation using WebSockets or 0mq).

    In the end, all these libraries have their own dispatching interfaces and a custom implementation of handling jsonrpc.

    tinyrpc aims to do better by dividing the problem into cleanly interchangeable parts that allow easy addition of new transport methods, RPC protocols or dispatchers.


  • Leo Noordergraaf: https://github.com/lnoor

    Looking for a Python jsonrpc library I found tinyrpc. I was immediately taken by its modular concept and construction.

    After creating a couple transports and trying to get them integrated in tinyrpc, I learned that Marc got involved with other projects and that maintaining tinyrpc became too much a burden. I then volunteered to become its maintainer.